STDA - SuperTwin FunnyBike
New bike – new class - new goals !!

The time has now come to take the step up in the Pro classes.
As soon as the 2010 seasons were over, we started rebuilding the bike to Methanol Blower Funny Bike, 
ie we put the screw compressor and mechanical injection for methanol.

We aim for the UEM-class funny bike, and will be the first HD in this class (ever)
 - as far as we know, only one in the U.S. and one in Australia who has tried this combination before ...
The frame must be strengthened and extended, new bodywork in carbon fiber has to be adapted.

This class is dominated by in-line-fours (Suzuki ...) with turbo and methanol.
The European record is 6.577sek/338kmt. Our goal for 2013 is establishing a basic setup for the bike,
 learning supercharger / injection / clutch and drill the team on the new bike.
The main goal will be to run down to 7.0sek and 3ookmh, and we plan to participate in the European Championships in Finland,
Sweden and Norway, in addition to the Norwegian Championship and selected Scandinavian races.

Further goals will be to fight for the European Championship title, and to set records for this bike / combination.
We will also work to emerge as a professional and visible team, which should be entertaining and interesting for partners / sponsors.

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